JMA + ShoreTel + Columbia Public Schools Case Study = Success!

JMA + ShoreTel + Columbia Public Schools Case Study = Success!

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JMA Information Technology implemented ShoreTel’s Unified Communication VoIP solution to ensure Columbia Public Schools had the most state-of-the-art feature set now and in the future.

ShoreTel’s integration capabilities and unique architecture make the grade

Chris Diggs, director of technology services for Columbia Public Schools, is responsible for the telephony needs of 3,000 employees and 18,0000
students across 40 campuses and 2,000 classrooms.

Advantages of a future-proof telephony solution

From implementation to user experience, the ShoreTel UC VoIP was the best possible solution for Columbia Public Schools, and the deployment was flawless. “I’d recommend JMA IT. It was important for our partner to have the highest level of certification from the manufacturer, and we were really satisfied with JMA IT’s expertise and qualifications. JMA IT was a huge help during the implementation and provided the support we needed post-deployment. They were also instrumental in helping us meet our tight deadline,” explains Diggs. “ShoreTel and JMA IT were 100 percent committed to our success.”

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JMA+ShoreTel+Columbia Public Schools = Success!

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