Next Generation Data Centers

JMA IT offers comprehensive Data Center solutions, integrating leading-edge technologies for server, storage and networking performance at the core of your mission critical IT infrastructure. With design and deployment services, IT staffing and multi-tiered support, JMA IT serves as a single source for even the most complex data center requirements.

Over the past several years, the pace of IT innovation has turned the data center inside out. Cloud computing, virtualization and mobility have each revolutionized IT, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data center costs and risks.

JMA IT has been on the front line of IT innovation for 20 years, deploying advanced data center solutions around the world for global businesses, local governments, hospitals and schools. Our certified engineers have hard-earned expertise in every facet of infrastructure optimization, from application delivery to automation, from maximizing hardware investments to virtualizing networks and servers, from planning capacity to cutting carbon with energy efficient power sources. Everything we build is fully tested and optimized in our lab and staging facility to ensure seamless deployments.

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