Cloud and VOIP Unified Communications

JMA IT helps companies migrate communications to the cloud to cut costs and improve performance with more reliable and resilient systems that scale as they’re needed. JMA IT brings together engineering expertise in three core areas that make our cloud communications practice unmatched:

  • Private, public and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Virtualization, storage and networking architectures
  • Unified data, voice, video, data, messaging and mobility solutions

We’re not just another hosted PBX provider flipping a switch to turn on your one-size-fits-most solution. Our engineers hold more than 100 certifications from leading manufacturers verifying our ability to build secure, reliable and scalable communications platforms designed to take advantage of the latest virtualization technologies. Our UCC solutions unify email, voice, video conference, desktop sharing, instant messaging and mobility.

We can help you cut the cord on equipment that too quickly ages, with cloud communications systems that are not only future proof, but as disaster proof as possible, with redundant systems, automated backup and rapid recovery. Capacity and performance can be dialed up and down to fit your needs, freeing up resources for other business operations.

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