Raqib Huq, VP of Information Technology for JMA Information Technology, speaks to KMBZ radio about local cyber crime in KC

Highly sophisticated criminals and organized crime cartels are using technology to victimize innocent and uninformed consumers worldwide. In August of 2017, KMBZ radio featured a cover story that discussed the impacts of cyber intrusion in the local KC area. In this story, Raqibul Huq, VP of Information Technology for JMA Information Technology, was featured as an expert. According to Huq, no IT system is ever 100% hack-proof. He said that in a majority of the cases, hackers are usually targeting the weakest link in the system, which are humans. Hackers are spending a significant amount of resources to advance phishing …

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Pratik Roychowdhury joins Juniper Networks on Facebook Live to talk about the new Contrail Security announcement

Pratik Roychowdhury joins us live to talk about the new Contrail Security announcement. Be sure to follow along and share any questions you might have around the topic!

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Are your students and their families personal information secure at your school?

Several schools in the Missouri area have been selected to participate in a Cyber-security Audit. The initiative will focus on identifying practices that improve the security of information that schools have on students and their families. Missouri Schools to Undergo Cybersecurity Audit If your school is in need of a Cyber-security Audit, let JMA and our partners show you how to receive more money for your school through the E-Rate Program! Please call to set up an appointment to learn more @ 877.722.3252, Option #2 or email us @ Be sure your most precious information is safe!

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