Job-searching online takes forever. Come meet JMA’s dedicated recruiting force, and together we’ll bring your career to new heights. See Open Jobs.

Headquartered in Overland Park, KS, JMA operates in multiple US states and in several countries overseas.  Our Western Region office is located in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, WA.  Stop by and meet us!

Employee Support

At JMA, our client-site employees are never left out in the rain.  Our employee success specialists typically accompany candidates to their first interviews, and are standing by to handle equipment needs, troubleshoot technical difficulties, and promote your overall comfort. .  You can count on us – see past employee testimonials.”

Wage & Benefit Offering

JMA offers extremely competitive compensation and benefits, and makes every effort to adjust wages to reflect cost of living shifts..  As a mid-size company, we maintain a highly-responsive, small-team attitude while offering pay and retirement options that attract the finest talent.

Long-Term Careers

Career pathing is important to all job-seekers.  At JMA, we not only fight to place you with the initial client, we also keep your resume in mind for future recruiting opportunities.  While you work hard for the client, know that we’re (still) working hard for you!  More often than not, our employees transition from one project to the next without any downtime.

Build a Relationship

JMA’s recruiting force is constantly hunting for the best available talent.  Even if there’s no open role that suits you at the moment, we invite you to speak with our recruiters and pass your resume along.  You never know when your next career opportunity will come knocking.  Email us.

Want extra cash?  Send a referral

Our referral bonus program offers up to $2,000 upon hire of your referral.  Send us their resume or have them contact us directly, being sure to mention your name when we connect and communicate the referral information.

Win Free Stuff!

JMA rewards our candidates who stay engaged.  Sign up for our raffle giveaway for a chance to win in our quarterly and annual raffles.  In the past we’ve given away name-brand Tablets, eReaders, and gift cards for your favorite restaurants.


“I have been with JMA since March 2014 and since then I have always been so content with their services. The staff is so cordial and takes a very good care of each and every consultant.
They have always been so transparent and prompt with any support. I think they take a very good care of their consultants and love to recommend them to anyone.
I would also like to mention that all the co-workers whom I have referred so far, do feel in the same way.  Customer satisfaction has always been their priority and always strive for it.”

Rajesh Kumar Akula
Project Manager : Digital Project Management Office

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